Runfession-November 2016

Holy's the last Friday of November..not only does that mean that it is time for Runfessions but that also means that there is a little over a month left in 2016...HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!!! It has been MONTHS  (RunFession #1-March was my last time...what the heck!!) since I have Runfessed so I think it … Continue reading Runfession-November 2016

Runfessions-January 2016

Linking up with Marcia for Runfessions. Feel free to share your runfessions and also check out what others are runfessing! Well here we are, the 1st Runfession of always I am always like holy is the month over already!!! My to do list for the month has like 2 things checked off of … Continue reading Runfessions-January 2016