TOTR…2016 race review 

Well here we are the last Tuesday of 2016 so seems only appropriate to use the TOTR to look back at and share my 2016 races. Last year at this time, I shared how amazing my 2015 racing year had been! Last year was so memorable because I accomplished race PRs that I had never … Continue reading TOTR…2016 race review 


TOTR-Dear New Running Self

Happy Tuesday all!! How is everyone doing? Checking in after recovering from birthday filled weekend! Today's Tuesday on the Run is a good one for me. Today we are talking about:  “Advice for your New-Runner Self”. Droping in quickly today to link up with: –Marcia – Marcia’s Healthy Slice –Erika – MCM Mama Runs –Patty – … Continue reading TOTR-Dear New Running Self

TOTR- Running/Fitness Trackers I have used and currently use

I have had a few fitness trackers during my fitness journey. When I first started my fitness journey 3 years ago, I got a fitbit for tracking my steps, my sleep and activity. I loved it! It kept me conscious of my activity or non activity and kept me moving. It also helped me see that … Continue reading TOTR- Running/Fitness Trackers I have used and currently use

TOTR-Warm Weather Apparel

It's Tuesday and that means Tuesdays on the Run (TOTR) with Erica at mcmmamaruns, She is joined by  Patty of noguiltlife and April of runthegreatwidesomewhere. Today's theme is Favorite Warm Weather Apparel. Quite appropriate since the last time I linked up with TOTR I shared my Spring Training goals. It is actually hard for me to start thinking about Spring apparel as … Continue reading TOTR-Warm Weather Apparel