Stronglift 5X5 Day 3

It’s Fitness Friday!

I woke up in the morning to this beautiful site! Do you see Venus shining brightly.  I totally, have been obsessed with the October sky this week. From the Moon, Mars and Venus, I just can’t get enough!

I actually got up before my alarm this morning but ended up getting distracting taking care of somethings. It all worked out though. Since I am not lifting heavy at all, I am able to get through my workout pretty quickly including my warm up reps.

Today’s workout:

Squat increased by 5lbs

Bench Pressed increased by 5lbs

Barbell Row increased by 5 lbs.

I love the Stronglift 5X5 app. It makes the workout easy with exercise, weight and timing in between rep.

Look who was cheering me one this morning…my almost birthday girl-her Birthday is tomorrow (10-21).

One of my reasons WHY! #LOVEMESOMEHER




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