Do you log Charity Miles?

Happy Wednesday all!! Have you ever participated in an event for charity? When I run/race, I try to consider running for charities as I know that there are many charities out there that can use the extra support and funds.  I have to admit though, the one thing I really don't look forward to when … Continue reading Do you log Charity Miles?

Soleful Saturday-Moneghetti Workout

Welcome back to Soleful Saturday.....a Saturday post dedicated to all things running. Today, I am sharing with you a workout that has been one of the hardest workouts that I have done in a long time. A little back story...since my knee arthritis has been giving me so much pain, I have reduced my running … Continue reading Soleful Saturday-Moneghetti Workout

TOTR…2016 race review 

Well here we are the last Tuesday of 2016 so seems only appropriate to use the TOTR to look back at and share my 2016 races. Last year at this time, I shared how amazing my 2015 racing year had been! Last year was so memorable because I accomplished race PRs that I had never … Continue reading TOTR…2016 race review 

Runfession-November 2016

Holy's the last Friday of November..not only does that mean that it is time for Runfessions but that also means that there is a little over a month left in 2016...HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!!! It has been MONTHS  (RunFession #1-March was my last time...what the heck!!) since I have Runfessed so I think it … Continue reading Runfession-November 2016

Weekly Wrap-Week of June 6th

It's Monday! Happy Monday!!     Linking up with my girls, Tricia and Holly and all the other bloggers sharing their Weekly Wrap. Monday: Week 7 of my weight training program-Lower Body Tuesday: Week 7 of my weight training program-Upper  Body Wednesday: Week 7 of my weight training program-Active Rest Day @ the pool I did 26 lengths … Continue reading Weekly Wrap-Week of June 6th

Weekly Wrap….I am my sister’s keeper

My Sunday/Monday's keep getting away from me and I have not been able to link up with my girls, Tricia and Holly and all the other bloggers sharing their Weekly Wrap. I do miss checking in with everyone, so I am using my break at work to do a quick check in.   Last week was … Continue reading Weekly Wrap….I am my sister’s keeper

Soleful Saturday….Charlottesville 10 miler plan

This weekend I am with the Team Luna Chix DC Run Team for our team retreat. One of the activities we are doing is the Charlottesville 10 miler. Everybody knows that the way my knee is set up, I am not in ANY shape to run 10 miles but when the suggestion was made, being the … Continue reading Soleful Saturday….Charlottesville 10 miler plan

Dear Non-Injured Self

So although I have not endured any new injuries (knock on wood) this year, my chronic injury know as post-traumatic arthritis ( a form of arthritis that develops after an injury to the knee),  is kicking my a@@! Like really, getting out 1 mile is torturous. I made it up to 2 miles yesterday though.......#silverlining. In talking to … Continue reading Dear Non-Injured Self

2016 Goals-February Check-In

Happy March everyone!!!   I can't believe that today is the beginning of March.....the year is flying by!  In a few days (17 to be exact!), I would have been blogging for a year.....that is UNBELIEVABLE to me!!   It is the beginning of the month, which means it is time for a 2016 Goal … Continue reading 2016 Goals-February Check-In

Weekly Wrap and Announcement 

Happy Monday!!! How is everyone doing? I am recovering from a relaxing girls weekend on the Bay, where there was much too much clear liquid consumed (and it wasn't water or wine!!!) and very little sleep to be had (when was the last time you went to bed at 5:30am....)  but, I would do it … Continue reading Weekly Wrap and Announcement