Will you Zooma with me?

Last month, I shared with you all, my excitement of being selected as a Zooma Race Ambassador!The excitement continues as this week we begin training for the Run Love Challenge.  I have signed up for the 10k. There is still time to register (until Jan 11th) but there are less than 85 spots left so act quickly! … Continue reading Will you Zooma with me?

What is the big deal about race expos?!

The days leading up to any race is filled with excitement about the race and for many runners the race expo.  I think I may be the only runner who does not get excited about race expos.  If you have seen one vendor-you have seen them all....well at least I think so. I am the … Continue reading What is the big deal about race expos?!

Our Yearly Traditions

Happy Wednesday All!! Has everybody recovered from their Thanksgiving?  I had a fun filled Thanksgiving break with lots of delicious food, family and fun.  We visit my in-laws and my parents for Thanksgiving and then drove up to New York to spend the weekend with my dad.  We had a great time! The weather was … Continue reading Our Yearly Traditions

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Thanksgiving is often a time when we in America reflect on what they are thankful for. On Thanksgiving and everyday, I try to be a person that is thankful! Everyday when I wake u, I give thanks to God for allowing me to see another day. I give thanks: -to … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

Who is Fit Balling Running Mom Part II

I am so excited to continue with the Grow Your Blog –Blog Hop hosted by Kristy at Runaway Bridal Planner.  I have been Blog Hopping since October 26th and have visited so many awesome blogs.  It has been a really great experience and would recommend everyone to participate in a blog hop if you get … Continue reading Who is Fit Balling Running Mom Part II