Daily Post

Ok so maybe I was being a bit ambitious thinking I would post every day about my workouts.... I will continue to do my best. This week has been a bit off as I have hung out WAAAY past my bedtime too many nights this week and so I have missed my StrongLift days on … Continue reading Daily Post


Whooot whoot!! I have to say, I am on a roll! Getting back to lifting and running consistently has felt soooo good!! Day 3 called for 37 min with descending pace per mile.....totally nailed it!! -Mile 1-11:49 -Mile 2- 11:13 -Mile 3-10:42 -Mile .33- 10:09 Day 4 called for 27 min with descending pace per … Continue reading RUN BASE RE-DEVELOPMENT-DAY 3 & 4

Happy 7th Birthday MJ!!

  Today is a National holiday in our house as it is my daughter’s birthday! Happy 7th Birthday MJ! 7yrs!! How is this possible?!? 7yrs ago God chose me to be mother of this beautiful, kind, smart, brave and amazing little girl! I remember worrying before she was born, if I could have enough love … Continue reading Happy 7th Birthday MJ!!

Stronglift 5X5 Day 3

It's Fitness Friday! I woke up in the morning to this beautiful site! Do you see Venus shining brightly.  I totally, have been obsessed with the October sky this week. From the Moon, Mars and Venus, I just can't get enough! I actually got up before my alarm this morning but ended up getting distracting … Continue reading Stronglift 5X5 Day 3

Strong Lift /Run Base Re-Development-Day 2

Wednesday morning started with a little bit of a struggle. Getting back into the swing of things is going to take some time for sure. The 5:45 and the 6:00 (NO REALLY GET UP ) alarms are not getting easier but they will.....right? I hope so...... Stronglift Day 2: Squats, Overhead Press and Deadlifts. I … Continue reading Strong Lift /Run Base Re-Development-Day 2

Run base re-development-Day 1

One of the things that I have been struggling with most often and recently is the loss of my run base.  To think, I used to train and run half marathons and most recently I have been struggling just to run a mile.  The frustration has been quite significant for me. As I count down … Continue reading Run base re-development-Day 1

Stronglift 5×5 day 1

After heading to bed WAY past my bed time and then having a horrible nights sleep, waking up to workout this morning was the LAST thing I wanted to do this morning!! After debating, talking to myself, cussing myself out way too many times, I got up 45 min after the alarm went off and … Continue reading Stronglift 5×5 day 1

76 day countdown…..

Heeeeey!! It actually feels so weird and foreign to put words to this post. My how the times have changed! You are probably wondering what the heck my post title means-76 day countdown until what-Tamieka? Well, as of today, Sunday October 15th-there are 76 days left in 2017! Can you believe that?! I know right?!? … Continue reading 76 day countdown…..