Countdown to MJ’s 1st gymnastics meet…

OMG ya' daughter's 1st gymnastics meet is this Saturday! To say that I am nervous is an understatement.  I don't know who is more nervous. me or MJ...eeek! Since July , we have traveled to the gym 3 times a week totaling 9 hrs each week. She has learned, practiced, developed and grown so much in … Continue reading Countdown to MJ’s 1st gymnastics meet…

Soleful Saturday…..Congrats MJ!

Happy Saturday all!! On Saturdays, I usually post about something running related. Seeing that I am not doing much running lately, I am finding writing about running a little more challenging. With that, I am thinking about a little change to Soleful be continued.....   I thought I would pop in and share with … Continue reading Soleful Saturday…..Congrats MJ!

Ultimate Coffee Date: November

It's the 1st Saturday of  the you know what that means? It means i get to sit down and enjoy a lovely cup of coffee with Coco at Running With Perserverance, Deborah at Confessions Of A Mother Runner, and Lynda at Fitness Mom Wine Country at their Ultimate Coffee Date!  Make sure to check out some of … Continue reading Ultimate Coffee Date: November

Weekly Wrap-Up-Week of September 13

It's Monday ya'll!  I may be one of the weird ones but I actually look forward to Mondays.  Mondays are a way for me to reflect on the past week and plan for the week ahead. Take note of things that went well and things that need a bit of tweaking. The kids and I … Continue reading Weekly Wrap-Up-Week of September 13

Weekend Update-1st Weekend of June

It's  Monday and so that means linking up with Tara @ Running and Reading for another edition of Weekend Update! I can't believe it's June and the 1st weekend of June has come and gone already! Friday: I came home to my 1st #voxbox from Influenster. For those of you who don't know what Influenster-check it … Continue reading Weekend Update-1st Weekend of June

Week/Weekend Update and Marvelous Monday!

It's  Monday and so that means linking up with Tara for another edition of Weekend Update! Another Monday link up: Katie for Marvelous in my Monday! Welcome Marvelous Monday! Week update: Compared to last week, this week was quite memorable and evenful!!!! Last week: -I won 2 giveaways: I can't wait to get my goddies :)!!! … Continue reading Week/Weekend Update and Marvelous Monday!