Summer in Review through Pictures

And just like that….summer is over and as of 10:21 am EST today (September 22,2016) Fall had begun!

Every summer, it feels like it just goes by so quickly.

I had talked about the plans that I had or had hoped to do with the family this summer.  Although not all of it happened as planned, we did have some fun times together!

Since I was on my blog break during the summer, I thought I would share with you all a few pictures of the fun we had this summer!


Enjoying waking us a little later during the summer!




Montgomery County Fair






Fun times at BrookeSide Gardens


Yes that butterfly is on his head!

All the fun of the summer to lead up to the start of a great school year!!

How was your summer? Did you do all that was on your summer list?



WW-What I ACCOMPLISHed during my blog break!

Happy Wednesday All!!!

I’m back!!! How the heck has everyone been??!!??!! Missed me?

I am excited to be back writing, reading and sharing with you all!

What a great day to come back and link up with my favorite word-smith blogger friend Deb’s  for Wednesday’s Word!

Today’s word is ACCOMPLISH!


Before my blog break, I was just beginning my triathlon training. Getting outside of my comfort zone and pushing myself to improve my swim and get back ridding a bike (which I haven’t done in over 20 years!)

Every week of training, I pushed through, worked hard and accomplished a lot!


-swimming 25 m non-stop to swimming 150m non-stop;

-swimming while breathing every other breath to swimming while breathing every 4 breaths;

-feeling as if I was only good enough to swim in the rec lanes to feeling confident and comfortable  swimming in the competition lanes;

-learning how to clip into my pedals without falling off;

-riding 5 miles non-stop to riding 12 miles non-stop;

-riding on the road (boy is that scary!);

All to lead up to the biggest accomplishment……participating and completing in my 1st triathlon!!!

Where I accomplished:

-swimming in Open Water for 750m

-biking up and down hills for 15.5 miles

-running up and down hills for 3.1 miles


Guess what……I AM A TRIATHLETE!!!!


The course was hard as nails but I pushed through and accomplished it!!

I have a few things to work on to be ready to accomplish another one but I am committed and ready!

What have you accomplished lately?  What have I missed during blog break? Share with me!

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Today’s Wednesday word is ACCOMPLISH and I am excited to share with you what I have accomplished while I was on my blog break.




Officially calling it!

I was really thinking that my blog break would just be a few days. Well a few weeks have gone by and the break continues.

So with that, I am officially calling it…..Fit Balling Running Mom is officially on a blogging break for the remainder of the summer.

I am still very active in Instagram, and Facebook. Feel free to pop over and see what I am up to.

In the meantime, I will see you all back in September.

Enjoy your summer and I look forward to getting reacquainted in September.

viseral quote 2

WW- Dealing with VISCERAL feelings

viseral quote 1

I love and I hate hard!

I am not an emotional person but when I do express emotion, I express them hard!

I have not commented at all on the state of affairs that are happening here in the states because, I can’t stop from getting MAD….and when I say mad, my heart beats fast, I get a headache and literally lose my breathe!

I live in a country that is being divided again by hate, fear and anger and I am so sad and angry about it! Never in my lifetime did I EVER think that I would be a part of something like this craziness!!

The VISCERAL feelings that I am experiencing every day lately is overwhelming me!!!










Deb’s  Wednesday’s Word today is VISCERAL!




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Perfect time for IdealFit!

Happy Summer All!!

Just when I was wanting to get re-acquainted…life/summer continues to happen and my time for blogging continues to be put on the back burner.  I am looking forward to getting back to regular programming/blogging and reconnecting with you all soon!!

Dropping in quickly share with you an opportunity that I received from the ladies over at Fit Approach.

One of the things I love most about a Sweat Pink Ambassador are the opportunities that become available that I can take advantage of and that fit in with my fitness goals.

How excited I was when the opportunity became available to test and review Ideal Fit products. Even more excited when I was selected!!

I was sent BCAAs and Fat Burner to test and provide an honest review.

What perfect timing as I was transitioning back into working out consistently and getting into my triathlon training!

My training plan is set, meal plan set and now the use of Ideal Fit’s  BCAAs and Fat Burner  added just the right added touch of support.

I have never been good at taking vitamins, pills, supplements, etc. but in talking to the trainer that I am working with for nutritional support during my Triathlon training, he highly recommended supplements and vitamins, with BCAAs as one of them.

From Ideal Fit’s website:


IdealLean BCAAs is specifically designed to maximize women’s weight loss and jumpstart lean muscle growth! Each serving of IdealLean BCAAs offers 5 g of BCAAs to reduce muscle soreness and promote muscle building -all without any sugar or calories!

In addition to providing high-quality BCAAs in a proven 2:1:1 ratio, IdealLean BCAAs amplifies weight loss with its IdealLean Fat Loss Blend with ingredients like Green Tea Extract 50% EGCG and Tonalin CLA. Coconut powder and additional aminos L-Citrulline and L-Glutamine will take your workout recovery, results, and hydration to the next level. The road to LEAN has never been so ideal!

IdealLean BCAAs contain a unique Fat-Loss Blend to help me stay lean, and coconut water powder to help me stay fully hydrated with  0 calories, 0 sugar, and 0 fat.

As a woman, you need a supplement that can help you stay lean and recover quickily so you can get back in action and reach your goals fast. IdealLean BCAAs fit that bill, and they make a delicious, hydrating drink mid-workout. Win-win!


Using BCAAs will be most useful for me during this time as I will be decreasing my weight training and increasing my cardio significantly.  For those of you who have been around my blog for a little while, you know that during the off season, I did a bit of muscle building and development and beginning triathlon training will definitely deteriorate a lot of those muscle gains.  BCAAs are especially helpful for maintaining muscle mass and therefore perfect at this time!

I really enjoyed the pink lemonade flavor.  It is not to tart not or too sweet. There is a bit of an after taste but when I adjusted how much I used per serving, the after taste lessened .  I have been using the product for about a month now. I use it daily during workouts and drink it throughout the day on rest days.

I will continue to use this product during my training and look forward to the support that it will give me.  I will report back soon.


From their website:

Fat Burn

IdealLean Fat Burner is specially formulated for active women, with natural caffeine from Green Coffee Bean and Green Tea Extract, plus Thermodiamine™ to provide antioxidants and plenty of mood support. IdealLean Fat Burn Plus blend contains Black Pepper Extract, Theobrimine, and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), all proven ingredients when it comes to improving body composition.

To get the best results, you still need to work out hard, work out smart, and get your nutrition right. But IdealLean Fat Burner can give you that extra boost in fat burn!

Let’s be clear, it’s not a magic pill–it only helps if you’re doing everything you should be doing to get fit and burn fat. Your nutrition and your workouts still need to be on point.

But IdealLean Fat Burner will help you reach your goals with energy, appetite suppression, and fat burning ingredients to help you get the best results possible.

Plus, IdealLean Fat Burner contains ingredients to support your mood when you’re working hard to lose fat. Natural energy helps you avoid that jittery feeling, so you can achieve your fitness goals without sacrificing energy or productivity!


I have had really bad experiences with fat burners in the past.  They where large, gave me jitters and overall just a bad experience. I have to say that I am really excited ti say that IdealLean Fat Burner was the complete opposite!! The pills are small (it is the white one) and I had absolutely no jitters when I was taking them. I was sent a sample of 15 pills and took them once a day. One important thing to note is to follow the directions to take it with a meal. I made the mistake of not one day and it gave me quite a bit of an upset stomach.  With only receiving 15 pills, it is really hard to say if the product works but I can see myself buying a full size product to give it a full test.

I am thankful to Fit Approach and Ideal Fit for the opportunity to try these products and to give me options for supporting my training and weight loss goals.

You should head over to the Ideal Fit website to see all of the products that they have to offer to ‘Help You Get Fit, Get Lean, and Earn Your Ideal’.

At the same time, enter my giveaway to get a Free Full Size Ideal Fit Product

Click here to enter: a Rafflecopter giveaway -GOOD LUCK!!

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The winner will be selected at random on 8/3/16 and will be notified via email. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to email If the prize winner forfeits or does not claim the prize, prize will be re-awarded.
All entrants are bound by the official rules of this giveaway.
Winner must be able to prove identity and provide a legal mailing address.
All entries are verified by myself.



Let’s get reacquainted!



Ok so I have been totally out of touch and I do apologize!  Summer, life and all things that take up time have done just that!  Somehow, my time for blogging got pushed to the side and to the way way bottom of the priority list.

I have been missing keeping you all updated on me and my shenanigans and I have TOTALLY missed keeping up with you all for sure!!  I am so behind on reading blogs…blame it on my lack of time and not my heart/desire.

Let’s see where to begin…..what’s been up with me: Click Here to Keep on reading!

WW…Delirious with excitement

The word delirous has two definitions. Seeing that I am talking about vacation shenanigans,  it would suffice to say that my post will be more on the discussion to the second (highlighted) definition! !

*in an acutely disturbed state of mind resulting from illness or intoxication and characterized by restlessness, illusions, and incoherence of thought and speech.
synonyms: incoherent, raving, babbling, irrational; More
*in a state of wild excitement or ecstasy.

It’s Wednesday and that means I have been in beautiful Costa Rica since Monday! 

We have been DELIRIOUS with excitement about this trip for months and the delirium was strong right up to the moment we got here!! Actually I think we are still quite DELIRIOUS

Counting down to the day of depature….the time couldn’t have gone any slower. We had a little blip in the count-down when my sister broke her arm a few weeks ago and then had a few health scares, but once that got cleared up the level of delerium returned at 110%!

I am not sure why this trip was feeling more DELIRIOUS than our other trips ( Belize, Miami, St. Martin) but it has been. We were/are DELERIOUS!

The rest of this post will be all pictures of our DELERIOUS adventures thus far on the trip….enjoy!





Do you think we have enough alcohol.....








Deb’s  Wednesday’s Word today is DELIRIOUS!


Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow and join us for the Thursday Throwdown Link-Up! We are still talking about summer with tomorrow focused on Favorite Summer Foods (outdoors and/or indoors). I hope you will join us!

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