My tiny head is loving my AfterShokz Minis!!!

Funny.....well funny now story. When I was pregnant with my son, I got a call from my obstetrician that she needed me to come in right away and that she was referring my to a fetal maternal specialist. Of course being my first pregnancy and that I was  of 'advanced maternal age' I was totally … Continue reading My tiny head is loving my AfterShokz Minis!!!

24 days……76 days…..

24 days......24 days ago I shared with you all the difficulty I was having and how I was working on shifting my mindset.  24 days and I have probably gotten in 3 workouts since then mostly yoga and track. 24 days has flown by and I swear I had every intention of shifting my mindset … Continue reading 24 days……76 days…..

WW-Working on shifting my Mind-Set

Happy Wednesday all!! As usual, I  am joining  Deb for Wednesday Word and as I always seem to say, her Wednesday word fits perfectly into my life happenings! It is really making me feel lie we are kindred spirits or something. Today’s word…..Mind-Set noun the established set of attitudes held by someone.   Last week, I shared with … Continue reading WW-Working on shifting my Mind-Set

Here’s what I know…..

I know that: I miss blogging regularly; I also feel overwhelmed blogging regularly; I feel overwhelmed trying to  keep up with my blogging tribe; I miss the fitness accountability blogging provided for me the past 2 years. What I plan to do about it: Make no promises to myself or you all about how often … Continue reading Here’s what I know…..

Rev3 Westfields Triathlon Race Recap

Happy Wednesday  all! Its been almost 3 weeks since my 2nd triathlon and with things fresh in my mind, I thought I would share my experience for you all. Let me go back a little bit. When I did my 1st triathlon last September. I really took a HUGE leap into the triathlon world doing … Continue reading Rev3 Westfields Triathlon Race Recap

WW-Who would have imagined…..

Happy Wednesday all!! As usual, I  am joining  Deb for Wednesday Word and as usual, whenever I do, her Wednesday word fits perfectly into my life happenings! I mean it is almost like she is always in my head.....Are you spying on my!!   Today’s word…..IMAGINATION Im·ag·i·na·tion noun the faculty or action of forming new ideas, or … Continue reading WW-Who would have imagined…..

Do you log Charity Miles?

Happy Wednesday all!! Have you ever participated in an event for charity? When I run/race, I try to consider running for charities as I know that there are many charities out there that can use the extra support and funds.  I have to admit though, the one thing I really don't look forward to when … Continue reading Do you log Charity Miles?

 Happy 9th Birthday AE!

Happy Sunday all!! Dropping in on a Sunday to wish my 1st born a Happy Birthday!  He turns 9 this year...I still can not believe it!!!   9 years ago God choose me to be the mom to the most kind hearted, sweetest and most handsome boy.  Everyday, I give thanks for this awesome blessing. … Continue reading  Happy 9th Birthday AE!

Celebrating weekend VICTORIES!

Oh my...oh my.....It has been a while since I joined  Deb for Wednesday Word but as usual, whenever I do, her Wednesday word fits perfectly into my life happenings!   Today's word.....VICTORY: -achievement of mastery or success in a struggle or endeavor against odds or difficulties. Thanks Deb for the opportunity to link up and to share with … Continue reading Celebrating weekend VICTORIES!