Do you log Charity Miles?

Happy Wednesday all!! Have you ever participated in an event for charity? When I run/race, I try to consider running for charities as I know that there are many charities out there that can use the extra support and funds.  I have to admit though, the one thing I really don't look forward to when … Continue reading Do you log Charity Miles?

Celebrating weekend VICTORIES!

Oh my...oh my.....It has been a while since I joined  Deb for Wednesday Word but as usual, whenever I do, her Wednesday word fits perfectly into my life happenings!   Today's word.....VICTORY: -achievement of mastery or success in a struggle or endeavor against odds or difficulties. Thanks Deb for the opportunity to link up and to share with … Continue reading Celebrating weekend VICTORIES!

It’s a Saturday Trifecta…..Soleful Saturday with a little Coffee and Runfessions

Happy Saturday all! I am using the WP app, I apologize for any funkiness that in presentation...... Joining together Soleful Saturday with Runfessions and Ultimate Coffee Date.  By time you are reading this, I will probably be running the Philly Hot Chocolate 5k or have finished.  So if you don't mind instead of coffee, I … Continue reading It’s a Saturday Trifecta…..Soleful Saturday with a little Coffee and Runfessions

Soleful Saturday-Moneghetti Workout

Welcome back to Soleful Saturday.....a Saturday post dedicated to all things running. Today, I am sharing with you a workout that has been one of the hardest workouts that I have done in a long time. A little back story...since my knee arthritis has been giving me so much pain, I have reduced my running … Continue reading Soleful Saturday-Moneghetti Workout

What a difference a year makes….

March 18, 2015...the day I took the leap and joined the Blogosphere through the encouragement of Cynthia. My first year of blogging (2105-2016) was a year of learning, exploration and growth. I met the most amazing people through blogging and have even made some in person connections which has been pretty cool. My second year … Continue reading What a difference a year makes….

WW-Giving this holiday season

Happy Wednesday All. It's Wednesday so that means Wednesday’s Word with Deb . This week’s Wednesday’s word is perfect for the Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza holidays and a good reminder to us all for the reason for the season. Today’s word: GIVING Every holiday we participate in a Giving Tree/Adopt a Family program from either my children's school or through the a local … Continue reading WW-Giving this holiday season

Weekly Wrap-week of December 11th! 

Happy Sunday all! Can you believe that this time next week, we will be celebrating Christmas and in 14 days it will be 2017!! Just crazy!! Did you read my Friday post in how the While 30 has been going? Overall going well.  I should be feeling tiger blood at this point but I have … Continue reading Weekly Wrap-week of December 11th! 

Fitness Friday-December Whole 30 Check-In

Happy Friday all!! Yes, I decided to do a round of Whole 30 during the holidays....what was I thinking right?!? The season of all the deliciousness of chocolates, Christmas parties, happy hours and all over yummy! It is actually not encouraged to do a round of Whole 30 during the holidays but all the reasons listed … Continue reading Fitness Friday-December Whole 30 Check-In