Week 2 of #holidaysweat with @Fit Approach & Week 1 of Maintain Don’t Gain with Virgin Pulse



The idea that so many of us gain weight during the Holiday season is real and a is real struggle for many of us.  Last week, I wrote out how it was my plan to not let those 5-10 lbs catch me this year. My goal is to stay active and continue to eat well during this holiday season. Last week was not a good week for me workout-wise but I was able to eat pretty well.

New Week….New Efforts….LET’S Go!!

This week is week 2 of #holidaysweat challenge with #sweatpink and @runtothefinish.

Week 2 prompts are below if you would like to participate. Post on your social media channels.

Monday, November 16: What’s your core strength goal this week? #ShowYouCan @timexsports #holidaysweat @runtothefinish @fitapproach #sweatpink

Today I did a 2 mile run followed be some ab work.


Feels good to be back at it!!! LET’S GO!!

Tuesday, November 17: Show us your plank! How long can you hold it? #ShowYouCan @timexsports #holidaysweat @runtothefinish @fitapproach #sweatpink

Wednesday, November 18: Show us your most creative core move! Crunches with a baby instead of medicine ball?! #ShowYouCan @timexsports #holidaysweat @runtothefinish @fitapproach #sweatpink

Thursday, November 19: Flash your time! Share a watch photo of sweaty fun for the day! #ShowYouCan @timexsports #holidaysweat @runtothefinish @fitapproach #sweatpink

Friday, November 20: FREE FRIDAY! Show us what you’re up to today… sweating, eating, cooking, you name it! #ShowYouCan @timexsports #holidaysweat @runtothefinish @fitapproach #sweatpink

Maintain, Don’t Gain with Virgin Pulse

In September, I talked about how my employer had joined Virgin Pulse health initiatives and had begun an employee wellness program.  I have been tracking my steps and activities and have met my step and activity goal for 60 consecutive days!

This week Virgin Pulse started the Maintain Don’t Gain campaign.  The goal-to maintain during the holiday season. I like the maintain aspect of this campaign.  It is hard enough to make good choices during the holiday season-no need to add added stress of losing weight during this time as well.  The idea of maintaining is a healthy and realistic expectation during the holiday season. Although, I do not usually weigh myself, I will for this challenge as well as do measurements to track my ability to maintain and not gain during the holiday season.

My workout schedule for the holiday season will be the same with variations of exercise.

My workout schedule will be:

Monday: 2-3 miles and abs until my half on Dec 5th. After my half I will switch to Weight Training on Mondays

Tuesday: Weight Training

Wednesday: Track Workout

Thursday: Weight Training

Friday: HIIT/Yoga

Saturday: Long Run until my half on Dec 5th After my half I will switch this day to a Rest Day

Sunday: Football/Full Body Workout (this weekend is the last weekend)

Do you struggle during the holiday season to maintain your healthy lifestyle? What will you do this season to maintain and not gain?

8 thoughts on “Week 2 of #holidaysweat with @Fit Approach & Week 1 of Maintain Don’t Gain with Virgin Pulse

  1. runninrocker says:

    OH man, I have been slacking on the #HolidaySweat challenge! I started out OK for like 2 or 3 days, then I get caught up in something else. OK, it’s Monday! The perfect day to GET BACK ON TRACK! That’s me yelling at myself. Thanks for the motivational post. Have a wonderful week of sweat!

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