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Last week officially began my off season as a football player. After playing 6 football games in 2 1/2 days last weekend, my body needed a full week of rest and recovery. I did absolutely nothing in terms of exercise….ABSOLUTELY nothing!!

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and enjoyed EVERY minute of it!!

For first timers to the blog you can read a bit about me and playing football HERE and HERE.

Our team plays pretty much all year round with a spring season, summer tournaments travel, fall season and winter training for National Championship in January.

During MLK weekend, my team, Lady All Met traveled to just outside of Orlando to participate in the United States Flag and Touch Football League (USFTL) National Championship. This is our 14th year participating in the tournament where we have finished in the top 10 in the past 10 years and earning 3 National Championships in the past 7 years.

This year we went down with high expectations to walk away with our 4th National Championship. We came prepared with a great team, great spirit and with all of the tools we needed to win. The goal playing 5 games-no losses and leaving National Champions!

usftl bracket

We came down ranked at 3rd out of 19.

Game 1, was Friday against Team Cle. This was a combined team of teams from Ohio. We had played them before as their individual teams (Jacks/Outlaws) and have never lost to either of them. Clearly Friday, would not be the day. After a slow start, we got our -ish together and ended up dominating the remainder of the game and winning 21-0.

Game 2, was Friday night against the Junk Yard Divas from North Carolina. They actually joined our DC league (yes they drive up to DC every other weekend to play in our league) this past season so we have played them recently at home as well as in a past tournament. We have never lost to them either and nope Friday wasn’t going to be the day either. We won, 12-0 and I scored the winning touchdown!

Nothing like playing under the lights.

It was a good day on Friday. We went into Saturday 2-0.

Saturday, we didn’t have to play until 4:40pm which was really nice. The day was beautiful with temps in the 70s and the sun shining with a few clouds.


The Women’s division director was being inducted into the USFTL Hall of Fame, so a few of the ladies got to the field about 1:30 to watch the induction. Congrats Norman!


Afterwards, we got ready for our 4:40pm game. Game 3-This game was against a home team, who we had actually lost to for the 1st time ever during the Fall season. We did end up playing them and beating them in playoffs so this game really could have gone either way. I mean we are the better team by far but sometimes we play down to our competition. Well the game went into double overtime due to blown coverage (on my side) but we came out victorious with an interception and run back (pick 6!). That was too close!

We only had 1 game Saturday-we were going into Sunday undefeated and the battle of the undefeated would be at 10:10am on Sunday against our local rivals The Black Mambas-the reigning National Champions. We go back and forth with wins and losses to them with them winning more 😦 .


a few of my lovely ladies!

Saturday night it poured down rain! Monsoon rains! This wouldn’t have been an issue if we played on the same soccer fields that we played on Friday and Saturday. Instead, we played on mud puddle nasty a$$ fields.

This was not a good way to start the final day of the tournament.  On top of that the QB who we played with all weekend choose to play with her 7 women screen team (they played the same time we did) and so we had to go with our back up QB. Don’t get me wrong, she did very well but the combination of the yucky weather and a significant change in our offense was hard on us, we lost game 4 😦 .

After getting over the lost, we had to get ourselves together to play an additional game to get us back into contention for the National Championship.

Game 5 was against DawkSports from Canada. They are an awesome team, who we have played against and have won and lost to as well. They are 2 time National Champions. This game we had to win to make it to the championship game so us winning was the only option! Another great game and one that was too close not comfort. We won 6-12.

Since we complained to the director about the poor field conditions, he responded and found us a one of the soccer fields that we played on on Friday and Saturday. If you are wondering, soccer fields have a drainage system under them so the water from the rain literally was non-existent. Pretty awesome actually. We had to wait about an hour and a half to play which was OK with us as we had just played back to back, so the rest was greatly appreciated.

Game 6 was the Championship game. We all knew that we had to win this game to continue and to force a 2nd championship game. The tournament is a double elimination format which means each team has to have the opportunity to lose twice. Seeing as we had lost earlier, if we lost again that was it. Our goal, was to win the 1st game giving the undefeated team their 1st lost and an opportunity to play a 2nd Championship game with us coming out victorious as National Champions. Unfortunately, we came up short. Our offense struggled the entire game and defense just couldn’t hold them off. Painfully, I give them credit for playing really well and just plain outplayed us.
I say that painfully because they are the most nasty, dirty a$$ team I have EVER played against. I have been playing for 15 years! I don’t mind losing just HATE losing to such a nasty a $$ team. Towards the end of the game, one of their players elbowed me in my jaw- I wasn’t even in the play or in a position to make a play. Mind you this is the same team that one of their player busted my lip back (in a dirty move on purpose!) in the spring and I had to get 16 stitches in my bottom lip. I still have a freaking scar from that!

Anyway, so our goal of a 4th National Championship was not successful and we are truly devastated. We really felt like this was our year. We are licking our wounds and thinking of changes and improvements as we get ready for the Spring season which usually starts around April.

I love my Lady All Met family! There is no other team that I would ever play for! We will get our 4th National Championship and I will keep on playing until we do!



The team will have about a 6 week break before conditioning and practices resume.

In the meantime, I will be focusing on strength training, race training for the Zooma Love Run in February and the Philly Hot Chocolate 15k in April, as well as continued swimming classes through the winter.



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  1. runawaybridalplanner says:

    6 games in 2 1/2 days? YOU ROCK!
    NFL players can’t even pull off that many games in that short of time. Obviously, girls are just tougher right!
    Love the pictures, looks like you have such a fun team!!!
    Enjoy your much needed rest, you definitely deserve it!

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