TOTR…Annapolis Running Classic 2016

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I’m linking up today with MCM Mama Runs, Marcia’s Healthy Slice, and My No Guilt Life for the Tuesdays on the Run linkupIt is a free topic today and so I thought I would share with you my experience at the Annapolis Running Festival  10k from a few weeks ago-November 19th.

The last time, I linked-up with TOTR, we talked about one and done races where I shared that I rarely repeat races except for low key races with MCRRC. The one thing I didn’t talk about was repeating location of races. The Annapolis Running Classic had me repeating running in beautiful Downtown Annapolis ( I ran Zooma Annapolis in May).  I have to say, if I am going to repeat a location running Annapolis is the place to do it!!!

I did have the pleasure of running the Annapolis Running Festival as a Race Ambassador which allowed me to run the race free of charge but please know that this in no way biases my thoughts of this great race! This race gives you the option of a 10k or a half.  Most of the 10k and the half are run together but then the half turns off and gets super hilly.

Here are a few highlights that are a good sell for the Annapolis Running Classic:

  • Great premium for all half marathon and 10k finishers…honestly the 10k premium was better I think. The Hal Marathoners got a white sweatshirt….uuum I am too sloppy for that…lol!!
  • Beautiful medal featuring an Annapolis landmark for both half marathon and 10k finishers.…the 10k medals were a bit tiny (I think) but the half marathoner’s medals were HUGE and beautuful.
  • Start and Finish at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium….always a beautiful place to start and end a race. It allows you to stay in your warm car right up to race start or take pictures in front of the Blue Angels plane.
  • Scenic course throughout historic Annapolis, including Main Street, Church Circle and the City Dock waterfront…words can not begin to describe how beautiful this is!!
  • Food and beverages including our award-winning soup, a dozen OYSTERS (on the half shell or grilled), Fordham Beers, Old Dominion Root Beer and Bold Rock Cider!….If you are an oyster lover…then for the oysters alone, you should run this race….lol!!! This year they had a DELICIOUS Tuscan Tomato soup that was to die for! I totally missed the Cider though …uugh!
  • Legendary Finish Line Party featuring awesome live music from local bands…I had to leave early to get my daughter from gymnastics so I couldn’t stay for the after party but they were jamming when I was leaving!
  • Avg November 21st high temp of 57°F, avg low of 39°F…..this year the start temps were 50 and sunny….quite lovely for running for sure. I was down to a tank top by time I finished the 10k.
  • A portion of net proceeds go back to charitable organizations in Annapolis. Over $220,000 has been donated to local organizations in the first five years of the event!….just awesome!!!

Are you sold yet?

A few more goodies that I did not expect:

Bib Pick-Up:

I was able to pick up my bib the morning of the race!!! This is so awesome…as I am NOT a fan of race EXPOS so this allowed me to come get my bib and my bib only. SCORE!!!

On top of that, the packet pick up was in a heated tent!!! Even though the temps were in the 50s at the start, there was a morning chill in the air and the heated tent was a nice surprise for sure.

FREE Race Photos:

I respect the fact that race photographers have to get paid for their skill but I think that they are often tooooo expensive!!! $49 for a 5X7….not gonna happen sorry….not sorry. So to get the notice that at the Annapolis Running Classic there would be FREE race photos, I made sure to find and smile at every camera that I saw.

Here are a few Pics that I took:

Making our way to the capital building

These oysters were sooo good! Do you see how small the 10k medal is…it fits in the oyster shell…lol!

What I loved most about this race was that where the Zooma Annapolis takes you to the right and up the bridge  (it is a killer bridge!) and back down, this race had us turn left and totally avoid the bridge….YES!!! I have never been so happy to turn left in my life…lol!!!

No PRs for me on this race but that is A-OK, I enjoyed every mile of this race and all the lovely perks!

The Annapolis Running Classic will be a race that I will do again for sure!!

Have you had a race this year that you really enjoyed?

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